Power is the lifeblood of any facility, and a main switchboard upgrade is important as it is the heart of an electrical system. The conductor orchestrates the symphony of electricity, ensuring a smooth flow of energy to every corner. If you’ve been experiencing flickering lights, tripped breakers, and outdated components, It’s time to take charge and embark on a main switchboard upgrade!

So, fasten your seatbelts, switch on your imagination, and let’s embark on a high-voltage journey through the world of main switchboard upgrades. Get ready to power up with the ultimate guide to main switchboard upgrades!

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Understanding The Electrical Switchboard

Before delving into switchboard upgrades, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of what an electrical switchboard is and its crucial role in electrical systems. An electrical switchboard, also known as a distribution board or panelboard, is a device that houses multiple circuit breakers and other electrical components. 


The main switchboard, in particular, directs power to different areas or sections of a building, allowing for efficient power distribution. Regular maintenance and inspections of the switchboard from professionals like Jarlam Electronics are vital to ensure its optimal performance and prevent potential hazards.

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Assessing The Need For Main Switchboard Upgrade

Signs That Indicate The Need For a Switchboard Upgrade

Several signs may indicate that it’s time to consider a switchboard upgrade. Frequent tripping of circuit breakers is a common symptom of an overloaded or outdated switchboard. If your switchboard has insufficient capacity to handle the electrical demands of modern electrical appliances and technology, it can lead to frequent power outages and disruptions. 


Overloading issues and power surges are additional indicators that your switchboard may need an upgrade. Furthermore, if your switchboard does not comply with the latest electrical safety regulations and poses safety concerns, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly.

Conducting An Electrical Audit

Evaluating current electrical capacity: Determine if the existing switchboard can handle the electrical load demands of your facility. Assess if additional circuits or capacity are required.


Identifying potential risks and hazards: Inspect the switchboard for any signs of scrapping wires, loose connections, or other safety hazards. Address these issues promptly during the upgrade.


Analysing future electrical demands: Consider any planned expansions, increased equipment usage, or changes in energy requirements to ensure the switchboard can accommodate future needs.

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Upgrading The Main Switchboard

Selecting The Right Switchboard Type

Different facilities have varying switchboard requirements. Consider factors such as the size of the facility, the electrical load, and any specific needs when choosing the appropriate switchboard type.


  • Understanding different types of switchboards: Main switchboards can range from low-voltage to medium-voltage switchgear, depending on the facility’s electrical distribution system.


  • Considering the specific needs of the facility: Evaluate factors such as available space, the number of circuits required, and the need for customisation or future expansions.

Sizing The Switchboard Appropriately

Properly sizing the switchboard is crucial to ensure it can handle the electrical load and future expansions.


  • Evaluating electrical load requirements: Calculate the total electrical load of your facility to determine the appropriate switchboard capacity.


  • Planning for future expansions: Anticipate future growth and factor in additional capacity requirements to avoid frequent upgrades.

Upgrading components and accessories

Upgrade essential components and accessories to improve the switchboard’s performance and safety.

  • Circuit breakers and fuses: Replace outdated or faulty circuit breakers and fuses with modern, reliable ones that can handle the electrical load demands and provide better protection against overloads.


  • Surge protection devices: Install surge protection devices to safeguard sensitive equipment from power surges caused by lightning or electrical disturbances.


  • Power monitoring systems: Incorporate power monitoring systems to track energy consumption, identify inefficiencies, and optimise energy usage.

Ensuring compliance with safety standards and codes

Adhere to safety standards and local electrical codes during the upgrade.


  • National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements: Familiarise yourself with the NEC standards and ensure the switchboard upgrade meets the necessary safety guidelines.


  • Local regulations and guidelines: Consult local authorities or electrical inspectors to ensure compliance with specific regulations and guidelines.

Implementing proper labelling and documentation

Ensure clear and accurate labelling and documentation for the switchboard and its components.


  • Labelling circuits and components: Properly label circuits, breakers, and other components to enable quick and safe identification during maintenance or emergencies.


  • Creating an accurate schematic diagram: Develop a detailed schematic diagram of the switchboard, documenting its layout and connections for future reference and troubleshooting.

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Managing the Main Switchboard Upgrade Process

To ensure a smooth upgrade process, proper management is crucial. Here are some key considerations:


Coordinating with other departments or stakeholders: Communicate with relevant departments, occupants, and stakeholders to plan the upgrade process effectively.


Communicating with employees and occupants: Inform employees and occupants about the switchboard upgrade cost, its benefits, and any necessary precautions to ensure their safety and minimise disruptions.

Ensuring Safety During The Upgrade

  1. Proper training and safety measures: Ensure that the electrical contractor and their team follow safety protocols during the upgrade, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).


  1. Following lockout/tagout procedures: Implement lockout/tagout procedures to de-energise the switchboard during the upgrade and prevent accidental re-energization.


Testing and commissioning the new switchboard: Conduct thorough testing and commissioning procedures to verify its functionality and performance before being put into operation.


Conducting post-upgrade inspections and maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the upgraded switchboard to ensure its continued reliability and compliance with safety standards.

Benefits of Main Switchboard Upgrades

Investing in a main switchboard upgrade offers numerous benefits to your facility. Here are some key advantages:


  1. Enhanced electrical system reliability: A modern switchboard improves the reliability of the electrical distribution system, reducing downtime and improving productivity.


  1. Improved safety and reduced fire hazards: Upgrading outdated electrical switchboards reduces safety risks, such as electrical shock and fire hazards, promoting a safer working environment.


  1. Increased capacity and flexibility for future needs: A properly sized switchboard with additional capacity enables future expansions without the need for frequent upgrades.


  1. Energy efficiency and cost savings: Upgraded switchboards with power monitoring systems and energy-saving components promote efficient energy usage, leading to potential cost savings.


  1. Compliance with regulations and insurance requirements: Upgrading the switchboard ensures compliance with electrical safety regulations and may fulfil insurance requirements, providing peace of mind.

Need a professional Switchboard Upgrade

Navigating the intricate world of electrical systems can be daunting, especially when faced with the task of switchboard upgrades. Jarlam Electrics stands tall as a trusted ally in this process, consistently offering comprehensive solutions that combine both safety and efficiency.

Addressing the Need for Safety Switches

One of the most significant concerns in any electrical system is ensuring the safety of both the equipment and the people using it. Jarlam Electrics recognises the paramount importance of safety switches in the modern electrical landscape. These devices are critical in detecting and preventing potential electric shocks, safeguarding not just major electrical appliances but, more importantly, lives. Integrating safety switches into your switchboard upgrade is not only a wise decision but also a mandatory requirement in many jurisdictions to maintain compliance.

Spotting the Signs: Flickering Lights and More

Often, signs that indicate the need for an electrical switchboard upgrade can be subtle yet vital. If you’ve noticed flickering lights in your property, unexplained power outages, or even the constant tripping of a circuit breaker, these are clear signals that your current system may be overloaded. With the increasing power demands of contemporary households and businesses, particularly with the addition of major electrical appliances, having a switchboard that can efficiently handle these requirements is crucial.

Switchboard Upgrade Cost: An Investment in Safety and Efficiency

Many property owners might hesitate at the thought of a switchboard upgrade, primarily because of concerns regarding costs. However, Jarlam Electrics believes that an electrical switchboard upgrade is an invaluable investment. Not only does it improve the entire electrical distribution system’s safety and efficiency, but in the long run, it can also prevent potential damages and save costs associated with electrical failures.

Consult with our Team and Jarlam Electrics 

Understanding when and how to proceed with a switchboard upgrade requires the expertise of a qualified electrician. At Jarlam Electrics, our team comprises seasoned professionals who are adept at evaluating the nuances of electrical wiring and systems. They can provide invaluable insights into whether you need a switchboard upgrade and the best approach to undertake it.

In essence, Jarlam Electrics is dedicated to ensuring that your property’s electrical backbone—the main switchboard—remains robust, efficient, and safe. Entrust your upgrade needs with us and witness the seamless synergy of quality, expertise, and service.


A main switchboard upgrade is a crucial investment in maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient electrical distribution system. By assessing the need for an upgrade, planning the process meticulously, and executing the upgrade with the help of qualified professionals, you can achieve improved safety, enhanced reliability, and increased capacity. 


Don’t overlook the importance of a well-planned switchboard upgrade, as it can significantly benefit your facility’s electrical infrastructure and operations. Prioritise your switchboard upgrade with a licensed electrician, such as Jarlam Electrics, and enjoy the long-term advantages it offers.