Electrical Control Cabinet Manufacturing is nothing new to Jarlam Electrics. Let’s explore the process and elements involved with their construction. 

What Are Electrical Control Cabinets?

Electrical systems can’t work without electrical control boxes. They are used to house and protect electrical parts like circuit breakers, fuses, and switches and make sure the electrical system operates safely and competently. You must know a lot about planning, engineering, fabrication, assembly, and quality control for electrical control cabinet manufacturing

Jarlam Electrics will share our knowledge and provide everything you need to explore the process of making an electrical control cabinet. This includes the materials used, design considerations, quality standards, testing and certification, and picking a manufacturer.  

Primary Purpose of the Electrical Control Cabinet

To know which electrical control cabinet you need, you need to know what its primary purpose is and what features it already has. 

The main aim of the electrical cabinet is to do the following: 


  • Grounding makes sure that the upkeep of the power supply is done in a safe way. 


  • Setting up the best settings for electrical metering equipment to work.


Electrical Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Types of Electrical Control Cabinets

There are different kinds of electrical control cabinets, and each one is made for a different business or use. Some of the most popular types of control cabinets for electrical systems are:

Motor Control Centres (MCCs)

MCCs are used in the business world to control and protect electric motors. Most of the time, they have more than one motor starter, circuit breaker, and other control parts.

Power distribution cabinets

Power is sent to many devices or networks through these cabinets. A main circuit breaker, bus bars, and branch circuit breakers are usually part of them.

Programmable logic controller (PLC) cabinets

PLC cabinets are used to house and protect programmable logic controllers, which are used to automate industrial processes. They typically contain PLCs, input/output modules, and communication modules.

Junction boxes

Junction boxes are used to connect and protect electrical wires and cables. They are typically used in outdoor or hazardous environments and may contain terminal blocks, fuses, and circuit breakers.

Electrical Control Cabinet Manufacturers

Different Stages of Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of electrical control cabinets involves several stages:

Design and Engineering

The first stage involves designing and engineering the cabinet to meet the application’s specific requirements. This includes selecting the appropriate materials, determining the size and layout of the cabinet, and identifying the necessary components.


Once the design is finalised, the cabinet is fabricated using sheet metal, such as steel, aluminium, or stainless steel. The metal is cut and bent to the required dimensions using specialised tools and machinery.


The components, such as relays, switches, and circuit breakers, are then assembled into the cabinet. The wiring and cabling are also installed, and the cabinet is tested to ensure it meets the required specifications.


The cabinet is then finished with paint or powder coating to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Jarlam Eclectics Designing Electrical Cabinets

What Material Is Used for Electrical Cabinet Manufacturing?

Electrical control cabinets are typically manufactured using a variety of materials depending on the specific application and the environment in which the cabinet will be used. Some common materials used in electrical control cabinet manufacturing include:


  • Steel: One of the most popular things used to make electrical control cabinets is this. Steel is strong, lasts a long time, and protects well from things like dust and moisture in the air.


  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is often used in applications where the electrical control cabinet will be exposed to corrosive materials or harsh environments. It is more expensive than regular steel but provides excellent resistance to corrosion.


  • Aluminium: Aluminium is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion. It is often used in applications where weight is a concern or where the electrical control cabinet will be exposed to harsh environments.


  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass is a non-conductive material that provides excellent resistance to corrosion, moisture, and chemicals. It is often used in applications where the electrical control cabinet is exposed to harsh environments or electrical insulation is required.


  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is a strong, lightweight, and impact-resistant material that is often used in electrical control cabinets that need to be transparent or semi-transparent. It can also stand up to UV light and keeps electricity from getting through.

Jarlam Eclectics Innovation and Design

Quality Control System For Electrical Cabinets

Electrical control cabinets must meet strict quality standards to ensure safety and reliability. Some of the quality standards that apply to electrical control cabinets include:


  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) – The IEC provides standards for electrical equipment and related technologies.


  • National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) – The NEMA provides standards for electrical equipment used in North America.


  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – The UL provides standards and certifications for electrical equipment used in North America.


  • European Conformity (CE) – The CE marking indicates that a product meets EU safety, health, and environmental requirements.

Jarlam Eclectics Engineering

Consideration When Choosing a Manufacturer

When selecting a manufacturer for electrical control cabinets, choosing a reputable and experienced manufacturer who can provide high-quality cabinets that meet your specific requirements is essential. Jarlam Electrics has been manufacturing such cabinets for many years and is a leading expert. 


  • Experience – Look for a manufacturer with a track record of producing high-quality cabinets.


  • Quality standardsEnsure the manufacturer adheres to relevant standards and regulations.


  • CustomisationLook for a manufacturer to provide customised cabinets to meet your requirements.


  • Service and support – Choose a manufacturer who offers excellent service and support before and after the sale.

Jarlam Electrics: The Pinnacle of Control Cabinet Excellence

When discussing leading-edge electrical control panel manufacturing, one name that continuously stands out is Jarlam Electrics. With years of experience and commitment to innovation, Jarlam Electrics has successfully met the demands of various industries through its sophisticated manufacturing processes and superior products.

Electrical Control Panel Mastery

Jarlams Electrics’ prominence in the industry is significantly rooted in its prowess in crafting state-of-the-art electrical control panels. These panels, integral to a myriad of applications, ensure smooth operation, safety, and efficiency. Through meticulous design and exceptional production standards, Jarlam ensures that every electrical control panel is not just a piece of equipment but a promise of uncompromised performance.

Incorporating Advanced Programmable Logic Control

The integration of programmable logic control (PLC) is another testament to Jarlam Electrics’ dedication to top-notch quality and modernization. By harnessing the power of PLC, Jarlam Electrics guarantees flexible, responsive, and intelligent operations for a vast array of production equipment. This means that clients can expect control panels that are not only reliable but also adaptive to the ever-evolving needs of the modern industrial landscape.

Precision with Rail Terminal Blocks

In ensuring that their control panels remain unparalleled in efficiency, Jarlam Electrics employs rail terminal blocks. These components, known for their precision and steadfastness, offer both ease of installation and a secured connection. This strategic incorporation ensures that every control panel coming from Jarlam’s production line is streamlined for optimal performance and longevity.

Jarlam Electrics stands at the forefront of electrical control cabinet manufacturing, resonating with excellence and a commitment to progression. Whether you are looking for a standard electrical control panel or one equipped with the latest programmable logic control, Jarlam Electrics is your definitive destination. Experience the synergy of technology, expertise, and dedication with every product you choose from Jarlam Electrics.

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Electrical control cabinet manufacturing is a complex process that requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Material selection, fabrication, wiring and assembly, testing and quality control, installation, and maintenance are all critical components of the manufacturing process.

By understanding these processes, customers can make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a manufacturer for their electrical control cabinets. Jarlam Electrics will be the best choice if you are looking for quality manufacturing services. Jarlam Electrics is a sister company of the well-known Australian business Jarlam Australia. 

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